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What we do:

We help people who suffer with knee pain, lack of energy, dehydration, dry skin, vitamin deficiency, and other areas negatively impacting our patient’s health and wellness in a spa like environment with highly experienced, medically licensed staff.

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Treating Your Knee Pain

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Medical Information

Our treatment plan begins with an office visit during which, one of our Nurse Practitioners (NPs) will go over your medical history and ask specific questions about your knee pain and how that affects you. The NP will then give you an x-ray using our state of the art Orthoscan Mini C-Arm which allows our patients to get instant feedback on the condition of their knee. This is accomplished in Appointment #1 which takes approximately 30 minutes.

Knee Arthrogram

Appointment #2 consists of an arthrogram performed by one of our Nurse Practitioners and a Durable Medical Equipment (DME) fitting. Our NP will use the arthrogram to ensure that Hyaluronic Acid (HA) injections will be successful. The NP will then fit you with a sleave and a knee brace to be used in your treatments.

Acid Injection for Knee

Upon successful completion of the arthrogram, patients proceed to the injection phase. Appointments #3 through possibly #7 (depending upon the type of HA their insurance covers) will consist or 15 minute appointments do complete guided HA injections. These injections lubricate the knee joint. These injections rejuvenate the joint by reducing pain, preventing and/or delaying surgery.

Platelet Rich Plasma

We also offer every patient Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP) injection which, although are not covered currently by insurance; enhance the outcome of our HA treatment. Most patients opt for this additional treatment and we offer financing to help with the cost if needed. In addition, if the arthrogram shows that the HA injections will be ineffective, we can utilize the PRP injections and provide some relief to our patients.

IV Drip Therapies

In addition to caring for knee pain, our clinics offer a number of IV Drip therapies to help our patients overall wellness. These IV drips are becoming very popular and proven to be effective in the areas they treat. The drip re-hydrates the patient and the medicines contained in them target certain wellness areas. Our patients come in for a consult with one of our NPs or an RN who determine the best mix of medicines and vitamins to include in your personal drip. So, depending on whether or not the patient wants to lose weight, improve their skin, gain more energy, or even recover from a big night of celebrating – we will create the perfect drip for you.